Big Aurora Borealis display in Inishowen last night!

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It is something that I and my fellow photographers have been waiting on for quite some time. The big Aurora display over Inishowen. I cannot count the times I’ve gone up to the Isle of Doagh or Ballyliffin beach to catch them.

Loads of times there was a chance of the Northern lights to appear. And I would go out. Sometimes I got a green glow, and one time I was lucky enough to catch a good display at the side of our house.

But my dream-shot would be the lights over Carrickabrachy Castle on the Isle of Doagh. It’s one of 3 castles (I think) in Inishowen and it has recently been conserved. But it stands on the shore of  the entrance of Trawbreaga bay. It’s magical in itself!

So yesterday I drove home from  the Moville CS musical in Derry, through the dark. I saw a glow on the horizon and thought to myself; ‘The sun has long been down, could it be the Northern Lights?’

I kept staring at the sky and saw vague light beams shooting up. I almost crashed the car so I had to keep my head cool! I didn’t have all my gear with me so I raced home. Shouting at my husband; ‘Don’t you see them? Go into the dark and watch the sky!’

We went up to the castle and I phoned my friend to tell them that the Northern Lights were visible. When we arrived, the biggest ‘show’ was gone but there was still a lovely display to be seen. I even managed to get a shooting star in one of them!

Have a wee look at the photos here and tell me what you think!


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