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One of the most inspiring and uplifting things about where I live, are the beautiful and dramatic landscapes. Inishowen is made up of them. Heck, most of Ireland is!

It’s no wonder that in recent years, Inishowen has seen a big increase in landscape photographers. And not to forget the leap in quality of the smartphone cameras. You’ll see pictures of beautiful scenery and sunsets filling your Facebook and twitter feeds every day. They are often used to promote Inishowen tourism, and rightly so!

At the end of this month, I will do my bit of promoting Inishowen and Irish landscapes in the Netherlands. I’ll be travelling to my home country with a suitcase full of photo prints and show them at a festival called Keltfest.

But because all these photographs are mine, I really don’t know which photographs are the best in the eyes of others. So I went on a journey to find a way to discover this. Then I found a piece of internet history, the predecessor of Facebook; Facemash! It is a ‘hot or not’ website to compare the attractiveness between two people for the visitors to vote.

I really think this is a retro-fun way to get people to discover and ‘vote’ for their favorite photographs. And we can see the popularity of each photo progress as people play the game.

There are now 74 photographs to compare in my brand new ‘compare my photos’ game. You can leave comments on the photographs and even share them on your social network pages.

So here is my request; Go on, give my game a go to help a clueless photographer out! Here’s the link to it;

Compare my photos game


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Event photography with Mediabox

“Change a little, change a lot.”
It’s the motto of the Award ceremony I had the pleasure to photograph last Friday.

Change A Little, Change a Lot

Change A Little, Change a Lot

I was contacted by Mediabox last week to do the photography for this event. I didn’t know the company so I went and had a look at their website. And it turned out to be a very interesting business! They offer everything a modern business might need help with, like Marketing, Social Media, Design & Websites, PR, Event Management and communications training.

I was to take photographs for the PR and Press releases of the Accessibility Award Ceremony in the Millennium Forum Derry. So I arrived a little bit early and met the people involved in the organisation. It was very nice to meet some of the ladies and I was grateful to have a little time for a coffee and a chat.

The ‘Studio’ in the Millennium Forum has big black curtains. At first I was a bit disappointed by this, because I thought that it would make the photographs very serious and dark looking. Knowing that they would be printed in newspapers I was a bit wary of it. But when I took some test pictures I realized that I could make the subjects of the photos stand out. The black also gets rid of any distractions. So I slowed down my shutter speed to catch more colours and a bit of the ambient light.

The event kicked off and there were some speakers and 29 awards presented. Time flew by and before I knew it we were done. When I sat down for a bit of lunch I found myself in awe…’s been a long time since I’ve worked at an event that happened so smoothly!

You can see in the photographs what kind of event it was; upbeat, professional and inspiring. It was very rewarding work and it re-affirms my conviction that I have the nicest job in the world :-) . So a very successful day all round. Here are some photographs of the day, see for yourself and let me know what you think of them!


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Big Aurora Borealis display in Inishowen last night!

It is something that I and my fellow photographers have been waiting on for quite some time. The big Aurora display over Inishowen. I cannot count the times I’ve gone up to the Isle of Doagh or Ballyliffin beach to catch them.

Loads of times there was a chance of the Northern lights to appear. And I would go out. Sometimes I got a green glow, and one time I was lucky enough to catch a good display at the side of our house.

But my dream-shot would be the lights over Carrickabrachy Castle on the Isle of Doagh. It’s one of 3 castles (I think) in Inishowen and it has recently been conserved. But it stands on the shore of  the entrance of Trawbreaga bay. It’s magical in itself!

So yesterday I drove home from  the Moville CS musical in Derry, through the dark. I saw a glow on the horizon and thought to myself; ‘The sun has long been down, could it be the Northern Lights?’

I kept staring at the sky and saw vague light beams shooting up. I almost crashed the car so I had to keep my head cool! I didn’t have all my gear with me so I raced home. Shouting at my husband; ‘Don’t you see them? Go into the dark and watch the sky!’

We went up to the castle and I phoned my friend to tell them that the Northern Lights were visible. When we arrived, the biggest ‘show’ was gone but there was still a lovely display to be seen. I even managed to get a shooting star in one of them!

Have a wee look at the photos here and tell me what you think!


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Back to my photography roots

The festive month of December can be a tricky one when it comes to stress levels and finances. But sure we’ve been there, done that and learn from the past. So this year I balanced work & play very meticulously.

I spent half the month helping Santa in Santa’s Magical Kingdom and doing some jobs for the Inishowen Independent. I had tickets for Tommy Tiernan in the Colgan Hall which was fantastic. And last Friday we went to see Winter Mountain play at McGrory’s.

To see a band on a stage like the Backroom at McGrory’s is a treat in itself. But I missed the CD launch of Winter Mountain a couple of month ago so I couldn’t miss out this time! And my camera came along.

My photography career started to kick off some 15 years ago when I combined 2 of my favorite things; music & photography. My camera came along with me to every gig I went to. And the results would illustrate gig reviews in music magazines. I did some really big festivals & gigs, bands like Metallica, Alice Cooper & Motorhead. I had made my dream come true!

Moving to Ireland, some 8 years ago, that all gradually stopped. Mainly because of 2 things; location & the lack of a network in the music scene. It wasn’t that big of a deal because I was just after making another dream come true; living in the most beautiful landscape I could have ever imagined.

So fast forward to last Friday in McGrory’s; I enjoyed a great gig and a massive, pleasant blast from the past! I revisited the ‘kick’ I get from capturing the expressions and emotions of performing artists on stage….and loved it!


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Scoil Mhuire fashion show


A while ago I was sent to take photos of the Fashion show of Scoil Mhuire in Buncrana. The Inishowen Independent wanted a full page of photos of it. It took place in the ballroom of the Inishowen Gateway hotel, a really good space for any big event. There was a great catwalk attached to the stage and a fancy set of stage lights was added. I got quite excited because it would be something different! Jobs for the paper mostly involves getting photographs of organisers, participants, volunteers, fundraisers, representatives etc and people attending the event. But when the event includes performances of any kind, I always love to stick around and see a bit of it. In the case of the fashion show, I really wanted to take some photos too!

Now I’m not a fashionista but I can definitely appreciate the talents and skills that are needed to put on a great show. There were different shops, make-up artists and hair stylists involved and the models were mostly students & teachers of Scoil Mhuire. It was fantastic to see the beautifull girls & women and brave boys & men get on the catwalk and fearlessly walk like a pro.

I loved taking the photos, it’s quite a challenge to get all the technical details right like exposure, focus and freezing movement. But the pay off is when you get the right light in combination with a lovely ‘pose’ and expression of the subject! In the above slideshow you can see my favorite shots of the first 20 minutes of the show.

Oh and if you know your stuff, you can pick out Inishowens’ bloggers pride, the Sequin Cinderella in the slide show.

Go on and tell me which photograph you like the best. I’m considering putting one or 2 of them in my main galleries on my site.


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When I see it, I want to capture it!

Last weekend was a busy one with jobs for the Inishowen Independent. They sent me to cover 5 different jobs in Carndonagh, Buncrana and Letterkenny. GAA presentations, a book launch, a charity event and a play.

In the same weekend my friend Siobhan Shiels recorded her music video. She is a fantastic musician, have a wee listen here; . The set and the people looked amazing so I couldn’t resist experimenting with the light. And with my in-camera ISO settings, because no matter how much I love my flash, some scenes call for less light.

There where a couple of disco lights changing colours and some colours did the scene justice and some didn’t. You know, red light often is a nightmare for photography, I learned that when I did a lot of live performance photography. But in these photos it actually sometimes did the job!

It was a classic case of ‘When I see it, I want to capture it’. This wasn’t a job, this was me popping in somewhere and getting lost in the moment. Or shal I say light? I asked people to ‘just stand there, stike a pose for me because I love your silhouette!’. And they did. Really well! Thanks for that people, you all look brilliant!

Here’s the slideshow of some of the photos I took that night;



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Win a studio mini session

Studio mini sessions

Yes, you read that correctly. I’m giving away a studio mini session to celebrate the launch of my website.

But as they say, you’ve got to be in it to win it! So here’s what you need to do. Go to my facebook page;

There you’ll find the same photo as you can see in this blogpost. If you haven’t liked my page yet, do that first. Then like & share the photo. Make it public on your profile page so I can see it when I go to your profile. And last, comment on my post so I know you’re in!

Good Luck!


But sure, why leave it up to luck?

Go ahead and book a mini session anyway. It’ll be the perfect present for christmas. A family portrait for the grandparents, or maybe one with the new addition? Why not come in and finally get that portrait your wife/boss/friends are nagging you for? It will take the fuss out of portrait sessions because it is convenient; the studio is ready to go when you arrive. Also, you’ll be in Carndonagh town anyway because the christmass lights will be turned on and Santa will be arriving!

I’m also taking bookings for private portrait sessions all throught the christmas holidays. So if you’d like to take more time & have more than 5 people for a portrait, I can cater for that! In the comfort of your own home, on location or in the studio. Get in touch and we’ll make a bulletproof plan for your christmas gathering portraits.


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Celebrating the launch of my website- Bauke Roof Photography


Bauke Roof -self portrait

Freelance photographer Bauke Roof self portrait

Welcome to my website launch party! It has been quite a while since I’ve updated my website. But the day has finally arrived. Today I’ll be sending the word out that my new website is open for business.

‘So what’s the big fuss?’

Well, I am pleased to present a website that is more interactive; it has a blog with the option to comment on my posts. It is linked with my Facebook and Twitter account. And it has plenty of ways to get in touch.

But the part I’m most excited about is the shop! Not only can you buy prints in the print shop, there is also a download shop! The exciting part is that I will be updating the downloadable photographs every week. So when I’ve taken your picture when out & about, you can download them from my dowload shop. I get a lot of requests for them, when I’m taking pictures for the Inishowen Independent. So every thursday, when the Inishowen Independent is in the shops, I’ll upload those pictures.

It also has the flexibility to use for other sessions, like events and portrait sessions. I’m now able to upload the photographs straight after processing. And you’ll be able to see them whenever it suits you. We can even choose to keep the online galleries private, if you wish. But still keep the benefits of digital photographs on the web.

And with all that excitement, I’ve decided to run a Facebook competition to celebrate. Keep your eyes on my facebook page and blog for the details. It’ll be this Sunday, and it’ll be BIG!

In the mean time, go on and give the comments a go! What do you think of my new site? Any suggestions?

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Rock Art of Inishowen

In the place I live,- Inishowen you can find a rich amount of ancient monuments. Impressive stones in fields, amongst cows and sheep. Like this one, part of the Bocan stone circle;

Bocan stone circle

Bocan stone circle, part of the rich amount of ancient monuments that can be found in Inishowen, co.Donegal

It’s great to go and see them up close. They are facinating subjects in the beautiful lanscapes of Ireland.  I love to capture them and a couple of months ago I found some very special stones.

They have ancient rock art on them, carved around 2000 to 4000 years ago. Interesting stuff to reseacrh and I love camera field trips so I dived in.

All kinds of factors needed to be considered. Camera techniques, light sources, obstacles, accessibility, permission from the landowner etc. I ended up going to the site a couple of times before it all came together. I caught the warm last rays of sunshine, making the carvings stand out more because of the long shadows it casts. Then I recreated that effect with the speed lights when the light was gone.

The results were beyond my wildest dreams :-)

Rock art Inishowen

Rock art, part of the rich amount of ancient monuments that can be found in Inishowen, co.Donegal

Rock Art Inishowen, Co. Donegal

Rock art, part of the rich amount of ancient monuments that can be found in Inishowen, co.Donegal

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The unexpected photograph- Sun Halo

When I’m not photographing people, I always look for different things that draw my attention. I want to catch them in a photograph. Today was a pretty good day and I spent it chacing butterflies, cats, watching birds and admiring the late summer wild flowers.

Late in the afternoon I wandered outside again. It got a bit hazy but the sun was still out. Standing in the shade of a tree, I spotted something extra-ordinary; a ring around the sun!

Also known as a 22 degree halo or a sun halo, the ring is caused by sunlight passing through ice crystals in cirrus clouds within the Earth’s atmosphere. It also sometimes appears around the moon, mostly in winter. It is said that it predicts a storm or at least rain. So we’ll wait and see.

I often use a polarising filter on my lens for landscapes & daytime photography and today I had my polarised sunglasses on me. It made the halo more defined so I think that was why I spotted it so quick! It became a truly unexpected photograph.

Here it is! Have you ever seen such a halo? Have you ever photographed one?


22 degree Sun Halo

Halo around the sun in my back yard

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