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One of the most inspiring and uplifting things about where I live, are the beautiful and dramatic landscapes. Inishowen is made up of them. Heck, most of Ireland is!

It’s no wonder that in recent years, Inishowen has seen a big increase in landscape photographers. And not to forget the leap in quality of the smartphone cameras. You’ll see pictures of beautiful scenery and sunsets filling your Facebook and twitter feeds every day. They are often used to promote Inishowen tourism, and rightly so!

At the end of this month, I will do my bit of promoting Inishowen and Irish landscapes in the Netherlands. I’ll be travelling to my home country with a suitcase full of photo prints and show them at a festival called Keltfest.

But because all these photographs are mine, I really don’t know which photographs are the best in the eyes of others. So I went on a journey to find a way to discover this. Then I found a piece of internet history, the predecessor of Facebook; Facemash! It is a ‘hot or not’ website to compare the attractiveness between two people for the visitors to vote.

I really think this is a retro-fun way to get people to discover and ‘vote’ for their favorite photographs. And we can see the popularity of each photo progress as people play the game.

There are now 74 photographs to compare in my brand new ‘compare my photos’ game. You can leave comments on the photographs and even share them on your social network pages.

So here is my request; Go on, give my game a go to help a clueless photographer out! Here’s the link to it;

Compare my photos game


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