Celebrating the launch of my website- Bauke Roof Photography

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Bauke Roof -self portrait

Freelance photographer Bauke Roof self portrait

Welcome to my website launch party! It has been quite a while since I’ve updated my website. But the day has finally arrived. Today I’ll be sending the word out that my new website is open for business.

‘So what’s the big fuss?’

Well, I am pleased to present a website that is more interactive; it has a blog with the option to comment on my posts. It is linked with my Facebook and Twitter account. And it has plenty of ways to get in touch.

But the part I’m most excited about is the shop! Not only can you buy prints in the print shop, there is also a download shop! The exciting part is that I will be updating the downloadable photographs every week. So when I’ve taken your picture when out & about, you can download them from my dowload shop. I get a lot of requests for them, when I’m taking pictures for the Inishowen Independent. So every thursday, when the Inishowen Independent is in the shops, I’ll upload those pictures.

It also has the flexibility to use for other sessions, like events and portrait sessions. I’m now able to upload the photographs straight after processing. And you’ll be able to see them whenever it suits you. We can even choose to keep the online galleries private, if you wish. But still keep the benefits of digital photographs on the web.

And with all that excitement, I’ve decided to run a Facebook competition to celebrate. Keep your eyes on my facebook page and blog for the details. It’ll be this Sunday, and it’ll be BIG!

In the mean time, go on and give the comments a go! What do you think of my new site? Any suggestions?

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