Scoil Mhuire fashion show

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A while ago I was sent to take photos of the Fashion show of Scoil Mhuire in Buncrana. The Inishowen Independent wanted a full page of photos of it. It took place in the ballroom of the Inishowen Gateway hotel, a really good space for any big event. There was a great catwalk attached to the stage and a fancy set of stage lights was added. I got quite excited because it would be something different! Jobs for the paper mostly involves getting photographs of organisers, participants, volunteers, fundraisers, representatives etc and people attending the event. But when the event includes performances of any kind, I always love to stick around and see a bit of it. In the case of the fashion show, I really wanted to take some photos too!

Now I’m not a fashionista but I can definitely appreciate the talents and skills that are needed to put on a great show. There were different shops, make-up artists and hair stylists involved and the models were mostly students & teachers of Scoil Mhuire. It was fantastic to see the beautifull girls & women and brave boys & men get on the catwalk and fearlessly walk like a pro.

I loved taking the photos, it’s quite a challenge to get all the technical details right like exposure, focus and freezing movement. But the pay off is when you get the right light in combination with a lovely ‘pose’ and expression of the subject! In the above slideshow you can see my favorite shots of the first 20 minutes of the show.

Oh and if you know your stuff, you can pick out Inishowens’ bloggers pride, the Sequin Cinderella in the slide show.

Go on and tell me which photograph you like the best. I’m considering putting one or 2 of them in my main galleries on my site.


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