When I see it, I want to capture it!

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Last weekend was a busy one with jobs for the Inishowen Independent. They sent me to cover 5 different jobs in Carndonagh, Buncrana and Letterkenny. GAA presentations, a book launch, a charity event and a play.

In the same weekend my friend Siobhan Shiels recorded her music video. She is a fantastic musician, have a wee listen here; https://myspace.com/siobhanshiels . The set and the people looked amazing so I couldn’t resist experimenting with the light. And with my in-camera ISO settings, because no matter how much I love my flash, some scenes call for less light.

There where a couple of disco lights changing colours and some colours did the scene justice and some didn’t. You know, red light often is a nightmare for photography, I learned that when I did a lot of live performance photography. But in these photos it actually sometimes did the job!

It was a classic case of ‘When I see it, I want to capture it’. This wasn’t a job, this was me popping in somewhere and getting lost in the moment. Or shal I say light? I asked people to ‘just stand there, stike a pose for me because I love your silhouette!’. And they did. Really well! Thanks for that people, you all look brilliant!

Here’s the slideshow of some of the photos I took that night;



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