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The unexpected photograph- Sun Halo

When I’m not photographing people, I always look for different things that draw my attention. I want to catch them in a photograph. Today was a pretty good day and I spent it chacing butterflies, cats, watching birds and admiring the late summer wild flowers.

Late in the afternoon I wandered outside again. It got a bit hazy but the sun was still out. Standing in the shade of a tree, I spotted something extra-ordinary; a ring around the sun!

Also known as a 22 degree halo or a sun halo, the ring is caused by sunlight passing through ice crystals in cirrus clouds within the Earth’s atmosphere. It also sometimes appears around the moon, mostly in winter. It is said that it predicts a storm or at least rain. So we’ll wait and see.

I often use a polarising filter on my lens for landscapes & daytime photography and today I had my polarised sunglasses on me. It made the halo more defined so I think that was why I spotted it so quick! It became a truly unexpected photograph.

Here it is! Have you ever seen such a halo? Have you ever photographed one?


22 degree Sun Halo

Halo around the sun in my back yard

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First days at school -School Photography for publication


School photography for publications; childrens’ first days at school.

The summer comes to an end, the children go back to school and I’ve been doing a very exciting job this week! Teachers have been kind to invite me into their classroom to document the first days at school of the junior infants. The Inishowen Independent is publishing these photos in the space of 2 or 3 weeks because all the schools in Inishowen will be covered.

It’s been a real treat to photograph these delightful youngsters. Some are shy, some curious and others full of beans. The sizes of the groups vary a lot. For example, there is one school with 2 junior infants and the school right next door to it has 4 classes with around 24 junior infants each. The trick is to engage them. The teachers have been really helpful and accomodating, which made the job even more enjoyable.

It has also been nice to re-visit all these schools again in September. Last year around this time I went around the schools with the Sam Maguire cup to take photograps For the Inishowen Independent. This was when the Donegal Gaelic football team won the all-ireland championship. I’ve never seen a bigger celebration in Inishowen than that! Going to all the schools again reminded me how I loved and felt privileged to join Sam on it’s tour around Inishowen schools. I also found some of my photographs here and there;


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O’Doherty Fights Back, Buncrana Shore Green event

Event on the Shore Green in Buncrana; Cahir O’Doherty Fights back – re-enactment


Last Saturday I was sent to Buncrana (among other places) to take photographs for the Inishowen Independent. A big event took place for the Heritage week; “Cahir O’Doherty Fights Back.” It was a re-enactment of the events surrounding the history of the O’Doherty clan, the arrival of the English at Derry in 1600 and the uprising of Cahir Rua O’Doherty, the last Gaelic chieftain of Inishowen.

I LOVE this kind of event! There was a colourful parade leading up to the Shore Green and the main event. It was outdoors and free, plenty of space and an awsome backdrop for photography. People dressing up and getting into a role (Oh the expressions were delightful!). An educational true story about Inishowen was told and played out.

Here are a couple examples of the photos I took. Were you there? Are you in the photos?


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